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How to Draw Animals - Click here to learn to draw a chick!
"Very cute!  Yesterday my son said, "she is a great teacher." We really enjoyed drawing 'with you.'  I am sure we will be there again today." ~trfont  
How to Draw a Mermaid - Drawing tutorial - click here
"I am going to draw ALL of your Halloween drawings and put them on my window :D" ~susy_artistic

"So cute! My girls are going to love her! (mermaid)" ~naomigrebe

"My little man and I really enjoy your tutorials.  I have been searching online for simple drawing tutorials and never could find one until we found yours.  I homeschool, so on art day we go straight to your channel!" ~momapooh78

"I love her calm. sweet spirit showing you how to draw.  Both boys think she is a great teacher!"

Step-by-step lesson how to draw a hedgehog
"You make it so easy to do..."finnie78

"Thank you for sharing your gift of drawing and teaching with us! It is such a blessing to this homeschooling momma." ~aslighlybetterwife

"Your turkey tutorial entertained all of us this afternoon :)" ~lifeagainstthegrain 

"I love this channel.  I have been drawing pictures for my kids to color." ~rhdreams
Click here for a leaf drawing tutorial

"Followed you over from Instagram.  My kids watched and can't wait to draw tomorrow!! I can't draw anything and I have two kids who are artsy.  I am so pleased to have found you!" the Wayzleys
"I went mad tonight and drew your Santa, gingerbread man, angel, snowman and nativity scene. I couldn't draw a stick person before lol I'm an adult beginner drawer. You inspire me" ~Tracey

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