Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to draw an 18-wheeler - Viewer Request for Ryan!

Learn to draw a transport truck! 18 wheeler, semi

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to draw an easy 18 wheeler!  In this easy beginner drawing lesson, I'll show you step-by-step how to draw your own semi-truck.  It's super easy, too!  You can draw lots of trucks!  This video was a viewer request for Ryan.

I'm on Instagram, so if you draw this I'd love it if you would post it and tag me in the photo!  I love seeing my students's work. Come check out all of their beautiful work:  (Head to my profile and check for the pictures of me, that's where you'll get to see all of them!)

My favorite art supplies can be found here!  You can use any supplies you like, but these are my favorites!


  1. I just looked at your favorite art supplies. A see a special Christmas gift in the making. :)
    We have all kinds of supplies, but have never bought the boys sketch books.
    And they both want the smaller Sharpies. I think I'll make little art supply bags for each. Thanks for the gift idea!

    1. Great idea Tasha, my boys DEVOUR sketch books. Their favorite store to go shopping at is the local art supplies store! They take after their Momma for sure!